About Us

Hi, I'm Justine!  Pennsylvania born and bred, I decided to give South of the Mason-Dixon line a try -- and ended up staying in Raleigh longer than I thought. I love spending time with my sweet family and friends, riding horses, traveling to new places and the anticipations of the holidays and special events. My love for accessories evolved from my "fashionista" mother.  We always enjoy shopping together and finding the best accessory for an outfit.  While planning my wedding, I knew exactly how I wanted to style my bridesmaids, but it was extremely expensive and definitely a budget bender.  When it came time to find bridal and Mother-of-the-Bride jewelry, we spent hours trying to find what we liked and at a reasonable price. My hope is that Gemma Jewels is your place to go when looking for jewelry to style yourself, friends, members of the wedding party... or even if you just want a piece that makes YOU feel good. The key is that the jewelry is chic, yet affordable, but most of all, brings out your inner sparkle!
*Fun Facts:
  • Gemma means "gem" in Italian.  Naming the business "Gemma Jewels" was a tribute to my family's Italian roots and heritage.
  • Product names of all of the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. are given feminine Italian names.  Some of these products are named after very important people in my life (male & female).  I have translated all names into Italian-- however, there is a great deal of names on the website that did not need translating since they are authentic Italian family names!